New London College

Promoting Esteem. Ensuring Excellence

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Established in 2003, New London College (NLC) is an innovative, dynamic educational institution providing education ranging from Secondary Education to Further and Higher Education programmes.

NLC was created on the belief that the best education is shaped by a student's own interests. We integrate the talents of our students with their personal visions and aspirations with the overarching goal of preparing them for top class International education. NLC develops within its students the capacity to lead and change the world.

NLC is committed to provide high-quality educational services for all of its students: for secondary school and sixth form pupils, for undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates, for those coming directly from high school, for those who transfer from community and other colleges, for those pursuing specific career preparations in the professional exams, and for those non-traditional students seeking access to higher levels of learning.

Since knowledge and culture are not static, the college also has a continuing commitment to the testing and evaluation of new ideas and innovative methods of teaching and learning.


“Champions know there are no shortcuts to the top............

...............They climb the mountain one step at a time”